Daily Cliffs is a one year photo journal on the Cliffs of Moher captured in 2018 by filmmaker Kev L Smith. The book documents the life of the Cliffs by taking a picture from the same view point every day for a year. Along with hikes and Kayak trips around the Cliffs, Kev show us his unique perspectives on this wild bit of coastline. 2018 was quite the year, with huge Atlantic storms, snow blizzards, epic surf sessions and the hottest day recorded in 40 years. Kev talks to locals about what the Cliffs mean to them, and we hear ancient folk tales of lost cities and the beginnings of love stories. This book represents a snapshot of one year at the Cliffs of Moher.

Hardcover. 190 pages / 347 images / 1.34kg / 304mmx216mm



Daily Cliffs A Year Long Photo Journal of the Cliffs Of Moher By Kev L Smith